Japan – Fukuyama Castle

Having completed our trip around Japan’s large southeastern island of Kyushu, we headed back by shinkansen onto the main island on Honshu. Having seen many cities along this main train line on our previous trip to Japan, we decided to stop by in Fukuyama to check it out.



Fukuyama’s main attraction (and arguably the only reason to stop here) is to wander around Fukuyama-jo (Castle). Similar in look and design with many of Japan’s superb castles, this one is built on a hill with double moats around it. In fact in overlooks the shinkansen station, making this an easy visit.

Fukuyama Castle

Fukuyama Castle

Completed in the Genna era between 1619 and 1622, it was destroyed by fire at the end of WWII (unfortunately like many of Japan’s castles). The main tower was reconstructed in 1966 with a five-tiered steel-reinforced design, which now houses a museum.DSC08628DSC08619

Nearby is a traditional Japanese garden with wooden buildings, gates and impeccably trimmed trees and plants.DSC08630DSC08634

And with that, we continued on our way back to Kyoto, where the cherry blossoms awaited.

DSC08631Visited 8th March 2014.


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