Japan – Kyoto – Culinary Delights

Our return to Kyoto also marked the first snowfall of the season. Back in the Higashiyama District, we would spend the next couple of weeks relaxing after a long five months travelling.

IMG_0955It was also time to celebrate. Andrew celebrated another birthday with a unique modanyaki (a savoury Japanese pancake made with a fried mix of noodles, cabbage, potato, seafood and an egg, amongst other ingredients). In fact, it is essentially a different type of okonomiyaki (Osaka’s famous savoury pancake).

This little restaurant in Kyoto’s famous Gion District makes all kinds of modanyaki. Andrew picked the USA themed one complete with macaroni cheese and bacon. Yum!

Happy Birthday Andrew!

Happy Birthday Andrew!

Gion is THE place to hangout and check out the shopping and nightlife. Busy all the time, you only need to sneak down an alley to discover the quiet side of Gion where red lanterns light the way.


Discovering Gion

A week later, we celebrated our seventh anniversary with a traditional sushi set. Yum again!

Happy 7th Anniversary!

Happy 7th Anniversary!

Kyoto is a culinary delight with many options to please all tastebuds. Away from the tourist areas, these are a myriad of local restaurants, sushi bars and noodle shops to tuck into some REAL Japanese food. Katsudon (crumbed pork fillet on rice with a cracked egg) is legendary.

Culinary Satisfaction!

Culinary Satisfaction!

A few doors down from our hotel we discovered a little gem of a noodle shop. “Nekomata” is a noodle shop specializing in abura soba noodles. Thick soba noodles atop a special sauce and spicy savoury oil, with barbecued pork.

"Nekomata" Abura Soba Noodles

“Nekomata” Abura Soba Noodles

Oh wow!
It is right up there with the best noodles of all time! So good in fact, that we returned another three times. Even got to know the local waitress and chef who recognized these amusing tourists who kept coming back!DSC09190

We don’t usually do this on our blog, but here is a photo of the “Nekomata” shop which is a couple of shops down from the tourist information office, on the road just down from Kiyomizudera.


Visited 9th to 17th March 2014.


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