Germany – Tubingen to Stuttgart Part 1

SEA Bavarian JourneyBavarian Journey Leg 6: Tubingen to Stuttgart Part 1.
Tubingen is an old university town, dominated by its large student population and picturesque buildings.


Tubingen University

The Neckar River splits the town, but its the cobbled streets, local markets and cozy cafes that gives the city its character.
frame-2There are endless streets of traditional half-timbered houses. Some better off than others!frame-4dsc05981
We only had the morning to explore the city, which turned out to become a long, hard slog up some fairly steep alleys that climb the hilly terrain.



Luckily, we had filled up on some super delicious dinner the night before. Tubingen is in the historic, cultural and linguistic region of Swabia. And the most famous Swabian speciality is the maultasche; a large ravioli-like pasta with various savoury fillings.
Hotel an Schloss is the best place in town for these. Ours came in a cheesy, pine nut sauce.
Soooo rich, but soooo good.frame-1
Speaking of Schloss’, just up the road from here was Schloss Hohentubingen. It was first mentioned in records from 1078. An imposing gate leads to another climb to its main four wings and a round tower overlooking the city below.frame-3dsc05994
Next stop on the road towards Stuttgart, was Kloster Bebenhousen.


Kloster Bebenhousen

It is one of the best preserved and wealthiest Cistercian monasteries in southern Germany. Built around 1183, in became a boarding school after the Reformation in 1534 and home to many monks.frame-7
The complex has many rooms and walkways, showcasing an assortment of Gothic and Renaissance styles.frame-6dsc06098
These days its pretty quiet. There hasn’t been a monk here since 1648.frame-9
Though, with its idyllic woodland setting and serene surroundings…why wouldn’t you consider moving in?dsc06134dsc06106
Visited 1st October 2014.



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