Germany – Tubingen to Stuttgart Part 2

Bavarian Journey Leg 6: Tubingen to Stuttgart Part 2.
On a large rock overlooking the Echaz Valley, stands the “fairytale castle of Wurttemberg”; Lichtenstein Castle.


Lichtenstein Castle

There’s been a castle on this precarious spot since around 1100, but the current structure dates to 1842. There is a windy road that climbs through the mountains before reaching the front. You first walk past the drawbridge that leads to the front gate.dsc06216But then you peer underneath at the “moat”. Surely there was never really water there that suddenly plunged over the cliff into the abyss like it was out of a fantasy movie.
Right?frame-1Along the cliff is the viewpoint.
And what a viewpoint!frame-2We eventually caught our breath back by the time we finally reached Stuttgart, ready for a relaxing drink or two.

Too bad the annual beer festival was in town.dsc06231Cannstatter Volksfest is Stuttgart’s beer festival and funfair to rival Munich’s more famous Oktoberfest. Of course, we had started our Bavarian Journey from that very beer festival, so the bar was already set pretty high.
But Cannstatter Volksfest did not disappoint.frame-3Less well known among international tourists, this place rivals Oktoberfest in every way.
(We would nearly go out on a limb and say it was…better!)

We had met a traveller in Russia who told us all about it, so we planned for it, brought out our lederhosen again and our drinking shoes to do it all again!frame-4Lots of big tents, decorated in bright colours and all serving their own beers and foods. You can’t go wrong! Canstatter Volksfest seemed more family friendly too, with hours of fun to be had at the funfair outside too.dsc06233But let’s be honest.
We didn’t come here to win an oversized Mickey Mouse plush toy.
We stuck with the oversized beers instead.


dsc06240Visited 1st October 2014.


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