France – Palace of Versailles

Who couldn’t love Paris, right?
Well it seems the King of France, Louis XIV (known as Louis the Great) didn’t like the capital so much. So he began moving the government in 1678 to his father’s, Louis XIII, hunting lodge about twenty kilometres southwest of the city. Suddenly the small village of Versailles became the political centre of the Kingdom of France.Frame 10The simple hunting lodge was enlarged into a royal palace through several phases of expansion. Wings were added to the original building and renowned architects and designers each added their own flair to create the Château de Versailles (Palace of Versailles).DSC07409The expansions continued right up until 1789, when the royal family were forced to return to Paris because of the French Revolution. That hasn’t stopped some modern additions though.


Palace of Versailles

The interior was elaborately decorated. Each room had its own style and apparent colour theme.Frame 6Chandeliers hung in every room and hallway and room and hallway and room and hallway…Frame 9It was well presented throughout. No ugly display stands or velvet rope with hanging signs. The original furniture was set out in the rooms like they were only lived in yesterday.Frame 4Frame 3There were long art galleries that looked out across long gardens.Frame 8There was even art under your foot and above your head, inside and outside!Frame 11The Hall of Mirrors is a hall of mirrors and…well yeah.

Frame 12

Hall of Mirrors

Venture outside and you are met with immaculately manicured lawns, perfect trees and sprinkling lakes.Frame 2Step a bit further back and you’ll meet this.DSC07419And then that.DSC07415It was ridiculous. Seriously.
A gorgeous autumn day, and what better way to spend it than to wander these grand gardens? There was so much to see that exploring without the map was the way to go.Frame 1DSC07474While the gardens and lawns are vast, there are equally small nooks and crannies hidden behind tall hedges. Many of the paths converged on circular colonnades and fountains.Frame 5Tired legs can simply lounge by the many lakes. Just don’t venture too close to the water…Frame 7It truly is worthy of a bucket list.
And for us, it was. (That makes 4 bucket lists items in a row! Score!)

63 Versailles

Royal visit to the Palace of Versailles

The Palace of Versailles is famous not only as a building, but as a symbol of the absolute monarchy of the old Kingdom of France.DSC07783Visited 14th October 2014.



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