France – Strasbourg to Metz

SEA French JourneyOne of the best things about having family in other countries, is you can visit places that most tourists would not bother with or even know about at all.

Heading due west towards the German border took us into the Alsace region of north-east France.



Colmar is a pretty town with German influences.Frame 2Or it could be a German town with French influences.Frame 1Strasbourg sits on the Rhine River, overlooking Germany itself.



The city is a combination of cozy streets…Frame 3and imposing cathedrals.DSC08106In fact, it was the world’s tallest building for 227 years from 1647 to 1874!Frame 4The astronomical clock is one of the largest in the world too.Frame 5On the opposite end of the scale, Kaysersberg is a tiny commune that means Emperor’s Mountain.



The ruined castle overlooks the town, but no emperor lives here.DSC08122Who would want to anyway? There are much more pleasant homes down below!Frame 6With little cafes, boutique stores and a restaurant or two, Kaysersberg is a cool little spot hidden within an up-and-coming wine region.Frame 7Looping back north, Metz sits near the tripoint along the junction of France, Germany and Luxembourg.

Frame 8


The city has a rich 3000 year history, passing through many hands; Celtic, Gaul, Merovingian, Roman, French, German, then back to French again. The Gothic Saint-Stephen Cathedral has the largest expanse of stained-glass windows in the world.Frame 9Colmar-Kaysersberg-Strasbourg-Metz. A pretty cool corner of France, don’t you think?DSC08035Visited 18th to 22nd October 2014.


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