Bucket List

SEA Bucket ListLatest Bucket List Completed: #64 – Royal visit to the Palace of Versailles

Our Bucket List is in no particular order. We are always happy to hear suggestions for the 4 remaining to be confirmed or comments on what we have so far.

We hope to inspire other people’s Bucket List too!


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The remaining 3 Bucket List items are yet to be confirmed. But we are always looking for inspiration from others and travellers we meet along the way…

3 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. Listanne on upea. Revontulet näkyvät Suomessa, tänä syksynä olemme nähneet niitä eteläisessä Suomessakin. Tervetuloa. Your list is great. We have enjoyed this autumn Aurora Borealis even in southern Finland.Wellcome!

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